5 Favorite Chicago Holiday Events

I have to admit, this is my FAVORITE time of the year. Yes, it can be overwhelming with all of the parties, events, weddings, family, etc. I always make sure to make time for myself & do things that I actually enjoy. Here is my list of things to do this holiday season:

  1. ZooLights: Christmas lights + zoo animals = being a kid again
  2. Chriskindlemarket: Because why wouldn’t you want to pretend you were
    in Germany with a bunch of tourists? Great spot for post-work cocktails & snacks.
  3. The Walnut Room @Macy’s: A childhood fave that doesn’t get old as an adult. Plus, you can shop your way up (& on your way down)!
  4. Ice Skating @ Maggie Daley Park: You can either show off your mad ice skating skills or laugh at yourself like I do every single time you fall on the ice. Either way, it’s a fun time.
  5. Randolph Street Holiday Market: Swing by & pick up some gifts from your list… and maybe a few for yourself 🙂


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