5 Binge-worthy TV Shows

Let’s be honest, you’re not always in the mood to get dressed up and go out… especially during the cold, winter months. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc. you have plenty to watch. For me, the choices are overwhelming. I’m always asking around for tv show recommendations & wanted to share my top five currently. I’m always looking for more, so please comment below with which ones I need to add to my queue.

  1. Schitt’s Creek: Absolutely hilarious . I can’t tell you how much I love this show! If you need to laugh, this is your show. Hands down. (Netflix)
  2. Suits: Great writing, sexy men & Meghan Markle. (Prime)
  3. Grace & Frankie: Unexpectedly hilarious. Plus, I want Jane Fonda’s wardrobe when I grow up. (Netflix)
  4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Smart, funny & inspirational. (Prime)
  5. Madam Secretary: I love White House shows & this one stars a woman! (Netflix)


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