Summer Glow in the Winter

A friend just texted me and asked what she can use to achieve a subtle tan/glow in the winter months. If you’re anything like us, having a tiny bit of a tan anytime of the year is #goals. I’m not saying a real tan (no thank you wrinkles), but a faux glow. I immediately wrote back to her with my top two faves & thought I’d share them with you. Thanks, Beth for the post idea! Check out my video for my favorite two products!



How to: Remove Salt from Leather

If I had to choose, I would say that boots are my favorite type of shoes. While I enjoy the summer and all of the shoe options it has to offer, I am always crazy excited when it’s time to bust out my (many) paris of boots. If you’re like me and live in a city where there is snow and ice, then you know how awful it is when the salt on the ground sticks on your leather boots and stains them. Let me tell you, black boots with white salt stains = unattractive. I went on a search to find out how to remove these stains and I didn’t have to look any further than to my own Mom 🙂 She has been using this concoction for years and works perfectly every single time. Take a look below for the easy step – by – step solution.
Thanks, Mom 🙂