Abercrombie is Back

Abercrombie is Back

It’s a Father’s Day tradition that we go to Arlington Race Track (in Arlington Heights, IL) each year. For many years, we sat in the general admission seating sweating our you-know-what’s-off, fighting to find a seat and getting too much sun. Then we did some research and figured out that the reserved seats are not much more money, can be in the shade and add much more to the overall experience.

I love any chance to wear a dress and it was necessary in the feels-like 100 degree weather. So, I brought out one of my new Abercrombie dresses. You guys… Abercrombie is coming back & I’m not mad about it. I’ve purchased 3 dresses from them recently and plan on making another trip to the store this week. I’m just waiting for the day when they do a play off of their initials “AF” ’cause then I’m going to buy all of the shirts. Just wait. In the meantime, check out their dresses and play some 90’s music while you shop.


Bathing Suits for a Larger Bust

Bathing Suits for a Larger Bust

Ok, I know some of you are laughing at me right now. Others are like “OMG, finally someone wrote a post on this!” As someone who has struggled with finding the perfect suit, I understand your pain and I’m here to help. Whether it’s a one piece or two, I have a couple of go-to places to shop for the perfect bathing suit:

Asos is where it’s at. Seriously. Have fun…. shop your heart out at all of the options! Sizes 30D, 38I, 42G and everything in between.

Remember Body Glove from the 90’s? Me too. Guess what? They make bathing suit tops for women our size! This is my favorite one (I have it in 3 colors) I also love this one!

I hope you are excited to shop for a bathing suit! Let’s hope this means eliminating any future wardrobe malfunctions 😉

x Jen

Kristin Ess Product Review & Haul

Ok, I’ll admit it, I have a product problem… especially when it comes to hair products. With my fine hair, it’s hard to find products that help make my hair look presentable. One could say I have a collection of texturizers, air dry creams & dry shampoos… ’cause I do. Anyways, Kristin Ess (celeb hairstylist) came out with a line of products and they are AMAZING. Seriously. Life changing. Check out my newest video to see which ones you need in your life: